This is the time of year to go phishing. Nothing draws out the digital bandits quite like the holidays, and this year is no exception to that rule.

Proofpoint, an enterprise digital security business, stated on Tuesday that its researchers have observed a significant spike in the number of holiday-themed mobile phishing assaults, also known as smashing, throughout the globe.

Mobile and Online Phishing Scams
Mobile and Online Phishing Scams

According to the report, the amount of mobile phishing communications has nearly doubled when compared to the same period last year.

Those mailings promise anything from package and gift deliveries to special shop discounts and delivery exceptions on top of that.

According to Jacinta Tobin, global vice president of Cloud mark operations at Proofpoint, “there has been a recent pattern of frauds and smashing relating to the holidays and festive themes in the fourth quarter of the year over the past few years.”

In an interview with ‘Handydroids’, she stated, “We’ve observed steady growth in both our U.S.-based and global scam and smashing reports since October, with the number of reports increasing through December.”