SpaceX is a company of American aerospace manufacturing, space transportation services and communications. The founder of this company is Elon Reeve Musk of the United States.

Elon Reeve Musk was born on June 28, 1971. He is an entrepreneur and businessperson. He is the founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Engineer at SpaceX company. He is an investor, CEO and Product Architect of Tesla, Incorporation. He is the founder of The Boring Company, and again he is the co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI. Elon Musk was introduced as a centibillionaire, and he is considered one of the wealthiest people in the world. His mother was a Canadian lady, and his father was a South African and at an early age, he lived in Pretoria, South Africa. First, he attended Pretoria University, and he moved to Canada at the age of 17 to attend Queen’s University. Then he transferred to Pennsylvania University and studied for two years and received bachelor’s degrees in economics and physics. He moved to California for more education, but he decided to try the business carrier. By co-founding the web software company, Zip2 with his brother Kimbal entered the business world. In the same year, Musk co-founded the online bank, then merged with Confinity in 2000 formed PayPal.

In 2002, Elon Musk founded SpaceX, an aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company. There he is the CEO and CTO. He joined electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors, Inc. (now Tesla, Inc.) In 2004, as chairman and product architect, then became CEO in 2008. In 2006, he assisted create SolarCity, which is a solar energy services company, then later taken by Tesla and became Tesla Energy. In 2015, he co-founded Open AI, a nonprofit research company that develops friendly artificial intelligence. In 2016, he co-founded Neuralink and founded The Boring Company. Musk has Suggested the Hyperloop, a high-speed vactrain transportation system.

SpaceX or Space Exploration Technologies Corp. can be introduced as an American aerospace manufacturer, space transportation services and communications company. The headquarters is located in Hawthorne, California, in the United States. Elon Musk is the founder and started up in 2002 with the idea of reducing space transportation costs to facilitate the colonization of Mars. SpaceX produces the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch vehicles, Dragon cargo, several rocket engines, crew spacecraft and Starlink communications satellites.

SpaceX’s successes are;

  • The first privately financed liquid-propellant rocket to reach orbit -“Falcon 1” in 2008)
  • The first private company to launch successfully, orbit, and recover a spacecraft – “Dragon” in 2010.
  • The first private company to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station – “Dragon” in 2012. 
  • The first vertical take-off and vertical propulsive landing for an orbital rocket -“Falcon 9” in 2015.
  • The first reuse of an orbital rocket -“Falcon 9” in 2017.
  • The first private company to send astronauts to orbit and to the International Space Station -“SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2” in 2020.

SpaceX has flown and reflown the Falcon 9 series of rockets over one hundred times.

To provide commercial internet access, SpaceX is building the Starlink satellite mega constellation. The Starlink constellation became the world’s biggest satellite constellation in January 2020. Starship, a privately financed, completely reusable, super heavy lift launch vehicle for interplanetary spaceflight, is also being developed by SpaceX. Once operational, Starship will take over as SpaceX’s principal orbital vehicle, replacing the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and Dragon fleets. When it launches in the early 2020s, Starship will be completely reusable and have the largest cargo capacity of any orbital rocket ever.

How SpaceX started

At the same time, the tech billionaire Elon Musk wanted to take humans to Mars. It took two decades on, and it’s already taken NASA astronauts to orbit and accomplished plenty of other milestones along the way.

In 2002, Musk and his friends travelled to Russia to buy a refurbished intercontinental ballistic missile and to kickstart a business develop a rocket of low cost and reusable to be able to undertake multiple space trips.

That means to buy a Russian rocket on the cheap and use it to send plants or mice to Mars and hopefully bring them back too. But Musk’s Moscow meeting made worthless. Then he decided to make rockets himself, calculating that he could undercut existing launch contractors in the process. This is how SpaceX was founded a few months later.

SpaceX Funding

  • In the months of March and April 2021, SpaceX raised approximately $1.16 billion in equity funding.
  • Prior to this, Elon Musk’s SpaceX allegedly completed a $850 million equity fundraising round in February.
  • On August 18, 2020, the company held a fundraising round. SpaceX has secured $1.9 billion in new investment from 75 investors, bringing the total amount raised by the firm to $46 billion. As a result, SpaceX has risen to become one of the most valuable venture-backed firms in the United States.
  • According to a Bloomberg article from February 2021, the firm is currently valued at around $74 billion.

Starship to the moon and Mars

SpaceX has a plan to use Falcon Heavy to launch some large payloads soon. Now it’s at work on an even bigger rocket called “Starship”. Musk believes that a much larger rocket will be capable of transporting goods and, eventually, human passengers around the globe and into the solar system. He wants to use Starship to transport people on ultrafast international space trips and eventually to bases on the moon, Mars, and beyond.

What’s next?

SpaceX has sought to reach Mars since its beginning, but it is also interested in non-space-related initiatives on Earth, such as the high-speed Hyperloop transport idea. The tunnel-digging and traffic-mitigating operations of Musk’s Boring Company are mostly run out of SpaceX’s headquarters in Southern California.

SpaceX, unlike Musk’s other major firm, Tesla Motors, is not publicly traded. Musk has mentioned that he will not take SpaceX public until the firm achieves its Mars goals. In the meanwhile, SpaceX may serve as the headquarters for any future Muskian side ventures such as Hyperloop and the Boring Company.


The objective of SpaceX has been to reach Mars since its beginning, but the platform has also been involved in non-space initiatives. Musk does not want to make the platform public until it achieves its Mars goals, even though it is not publicly listed. By 2022, he wants to launch a SpaceX rocket to Mars carrying only cargo.

He’s also talked of transporting a million people to Mars by the year 2050. It may be interesting to observe how the platform fulfils its lofty objectives.