To, resolve a 2018 class-action gender discrimination dispute, Riot Games, the company best known for League of Legends, has agreed to pay $100 million (£74.3 million).

Riot Games
Riot Games

One thousand and sixty-five female employees and one thousand and thirty-five female contract workers are expected to benefit from the settlement, according to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

According to DFEH, the company was guilty of “chronic sex discrimination and harassment.”

Riot Games declared, “We must accept responsibility for the past.”

Members of the class-action lawsuit will receive $80 million (£59 million), while the company will foot the bill for legal fees in the amount of $20 million (£15 million).

Investigations by the Los Angeles Times and the news website Kotaku preceded the 2018 lawsuit.

The original lawsuit against Riot stated that the corporation fostered a “bro culture” and was accused of a variety of offenses.

The email chain that evaluated the company’s “hottest female employees” and the unsolicited photographs of male genitalia shown to workers by their supervisors and coworkers were two examples of sexual harassment.