People in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu have been protesting about food poisoning and living conditions. Apple has put an iPhone factory in the state on “probation.”

Those who work for Apple didn’t eat in the dining rooms or sleep in the dorms that were far from the company’s main office.

More than 150 people ended up in the hospital because the women who worked at the Foxconn plant got food poisoning, which made them sick.


Foxconn said it was sorry and was going to look into what happened, and it said it was sorry.

TAIWAN: “We are very sorry for the issues our employees had, and we are taking steps right away to improve the facilities and services we offer.”

Many people have been taking part in a protest outside of the factory since December 18, when they started.

If a place is on probation, Apple hasn’t said what that means. In the past, Apple hasn’t given new business to places on probation until they’ve made changes.

A group of independent auditors has been sent to Foxconn Sriperumbudur in response to recent concerns about the safety of food and living conditions for workers there. Apple says this:

Some of the employees who work for us are dissatisfied with the remote dorms and dining rooms that are being used for them. We are working with the supplier to make sure that a full set of corrective actions are quickly put into place. This is why we are working with the supplier.”

People work at the iPhone factory, which is about 25 miles (40 km) from the city of Chennai. There are 17,000 jobs there.

Because of food poisoning cases and protests, Tamil Nadu also asked Foxconn to look at its worker facilities, which is what led to this.

It was because of worker protests over unpaid wages at a factory near Bangalore that Apple had to put another iPhone factory on probation.